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Editing Add-ons

Skin Retouching - $8 per photo

Teeth Whitening - $5 per photo

Lighting Correction - $30 per photo

Back ground Clean Up - $10 per photo

Background replacement - $30 per photo

Face Swap - $30 per photo

Add Missing Person - $30 per person

Photo Collage - $20 per collage

Slideshow - $80 per slideshow


Remove and scars, blemishes, dirt, red patches etc from all faces in the image to create a natural clean skin.

Whiten all visible teeth in the photo to correct and discoloration.

Remove harsh shadows or light spots from all faces in the image.

Remove unwanted items from the back ground such as cars, people, trash, etc.

Swap out the entire back ground to something new! Recommended for Green Screen.

Create 1 perfect image with all the kiddos smiling toward the camera. Achieve this by pulling facials from different images from the session.

Send Serenity a High-Quality image with a clear view of the missing person to edit into the photo.

Make a Christmas card, Invitation, Birth Announcement and more using your beautiful images.

Create a slideshow to easily view photos from your session that don't make it on the wall.

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